Empowering agronomic and economic success

Agellum® — a full-farm planning and management solution from CHS — integrates, aggregates, and activates your farm’s unique data from machinery, apps, equipment, and more. Agellum® empowers better agronomic and economic decisions through planning, analysis, and collaboration.

Agellum® transforms data into better farm management

A tool that harnesses the collective power of precision agriculture, data and analytics

Transform your farm data and information into high-value insights, and align crop inputs with yield goals.

A centralized, full-farm planning and management platform

Integrate data from multiple sources into a single platform so you can efficiently organize and view reports, collect information, create plans and analyze data to make the best decisions possible.

Intuitive, customizable dashboards

Easy-to-view, user-friendly dashboards gather your information, transforming insights into actionable solutions for your farm.




Activate your data

With a variety of actionable tools and features, Agellum® brings your data to life and takes your operation to the next level.

Contact your local CHS agronomist or CHS Yieldpoint® specialist for more information.

The future of your farm

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The Agellum® advantage

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Have questions? Contact your local CHS agronomist or CHS Yieldpoint specialist to learn more about Agellum®.