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Empowering agronomic and economic success

Agellum® — a full-farm planning and management solution from CHS — integrates, aggregates, and activates your farm’s unique data from machinery, apps, equipment, and more. Agellum empowers better agronomic and economic decisions through planning, analysis, and collaboration.

Agellum transforms data into better farm management

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Precision agriculture insights, maximum productivity
  • Built to enhance insights, sustainable practices, data and analytics
  • Plan and manage inputs and costs to align with yield goals
  • Improve workflows and enhance crop planning
  • CHS YieldPoint® specialists add high-value insights for maximum impact
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A centralized, full-farm planning and management platform
  • Work side by side or remotely, sharing information in real time
  • Collaborate with agronomists to create a cropping plan based on precise field profiles
  • Coordinate nutrient delivery and planting schedules
  • Access industry-backed compliance information
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Intuitive interface, customizable dashboards
  • Experience the easy-to-use format and features
  • Record scouting reports and field notes right from the field
  • Organize and analyze integrated soil sampling, yield monitor data, field prescription creation and more farm data insights
  • Transforming insights into actionable solutions
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Activate your data

With a variety of actionable tools and features, Agellum brings your data to life and takes your operation to the next level.

Contact your local CHS agronomist or CHS YieldPoint specialist for more information.

Agellum brings your data to life and takes your operation to the next level.
Agellum is a centralized, full-farm planning and management platform.
Agellum is a tool that harnesses the collective power of precision agriculture, data and analytics.
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CHS YieldPoint® services: the added advantage

CHS YieldPoint specialists review industry research and local trials along with your data from Agellum. Then, CHS YieldPoint specialists help you succeed with:

  • CHS YieldPoint sampling – Grid and zone sampling
  • CHS YieldPoint prescriptions – Planting and fertilizer prescriptions
  • CHS YieldPoint tissue sampling – Crop tissue sampling
  • CHS YieldPoint VRT spreading – Variable rate spreading of single or double products
  • CHS YieldPoint mapping – Planter and harvest mapping
  • CHS YieldPoint data management – From consolidating records to evaluating performance and setting plans
  • CHS YieldPoint advanced soil analytics – Identify and measure pathogens
  • CHS YieldPoint irrigation management – Optimize water use, reduce nutrient deficiencies and maximize ROI
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Contact your local CHS agronomist or CHS YieldPoint specialist to learn more.