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CHS YieldPoint®

CHS YieldPoint precision agriculture from CHS helps growers widen their competitive advantage. It’s the ideal way to increase crop productivity and efficiency to maximize profit potential on every acre. When you work with us, you get professional insights and technical expertise you know you can trust.

Soil sampling in a field
CHS YieldPoint soil sampling & analysis

We will help you scientifically sample your soil to determine precise nutrient needs with a field or zone.

  • Grid sampling: breaking up a field into equally divided grids
  • Zone sampling: dividing a field into zones by grouping similar values
Yieldpoint on an iPad in a tractor
CHS YieldPoint mapping & prescription writing

CHS YieldPoint will overlay proper agronomic and environmental data in order to achieve layered mapping, then create a data file that transfers maps to the applicator.

  • Setting up zones or grids
  • Mapping lab results
  • Determine field boundaries
  • And more
Spraying a field
CHS YieldPoint variable rate application

CHS YieldPoint variable rate application (VRT) will place nutrients and/or seed-utilizing, industry-leading technology to enhance the profitability of your operation.

  • Collaborate with knowledgeable advisors
  • Help optimize your water management and investment in crop protection products, fertilizers and water resources
grower and consultant talking about their field
CHS YieldPoint electrical conductivity mapping

With electrical conductivity mapping, sensors are utilized to measure values for topsoil and subsoil. This technology will measure texture and porosity, water holding capacity, salinity, organic matter and topography.

  • Optimize fertility programs, planting populations, water management and moisture probe placement, etc.
monitoring field with ipad
CHS YieldPoint data management

CHS YieldPoint provides dependable recordkeeping and planning services to help manage farm date and leverage to make informed long-term decisions.

  • Assemble, organize and store records
  • Consolidate farm data
  • Track information from year-to-year
Crop seedlings
CHS YieldPoint advanced soil analytics

Advanced soil analytics technology measures soil microbes responsible for nutrient cycling functions, soil pathogens and soil chemistry to provide you with a never before seen analysis of the soil.

  • Digitize the living soil
  • Decode the soil data
  • Take action based on the data analytics
Watering fields
CHS YieldPoint precision irrigation management

Precision irrigation management takes an integrated systems approach to managing water application to help growers maximize water-use efficiency.

  • Mapping for soil electrical conductivity
  • Determine optional moisture-probe location
  • Develop custom recommendations for watering schedules